Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you sometimes feel a tender or bruised sensation at the back of your mouth?

Do you get food collections behind your last molar teeth?

Wisdom teeth (third molars) usually start to appear at a later stage in life, at an age where people presumably “wiser” than as a child, when the other teeth erupt. In the highly probable chance of an impacted wisdom tooth – where the wisdom tooth is partially erupted with a gum flap that is trapping food and harmful bacteria or positioned in a wrong angle with dead spaces at risk of causing decay and gum disease to neighbouring teeth – surgical removal of these wisdom teeth may be required.

Risks of Keeping Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Some signs of impacted wisdom teeth causing infections include:

  1. Inability to clean under the gum flap covering the wisdom teeth
  2. Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  3. Ache on the healthy teeth around the wisdom tooth – suggestive of decay or gum disease beginning to affect the good teeth
  4. Frequent and episodic tenderness, bruising and swelling at the wisdom teeth areas

There are indeed scientific research to suggest that people who keep unmaintainable wisdom teeth may suffer from gum disease affecting the other healthy teeth, later in life. We have also discovered hidden cysts developing silently underneath impacted wisdom teeth that were not removed.

When can we avoid removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth that are fully erupted and are in a position that does not put the surrounding teeth and gums at risk of infections can be maintained and monitored.

There are also situations where wisdom teeth are unerupted in the mouth and are shown to have a bony cover (seal) on X-rays. These wisdom teeth may also be left alone if there is no pain or swelling. However, these buried teeth must be monitored clinically and with X-rays regularly, as there is a low risk of cystic formation or infection.

Our Philosophy on Wisdom Teeth Removal

We understand that the thought of undergoing an operation to remove teeth can be daunting and worrying. Your concern about going through the actual surgery is completely normal. That’s why our specialists at DentalSpecialists@Scotts are absolutely committed to making the wisdom teeth removal procedure as safe and as comfortable as possible.

To ensure that the vital structures around the wisdom teeth to be removed – sinus areas, nerve bundles, blood vessels, surrounding teeth and gums – are protected from damage, our specialists will perform a thorough, comprehensive examination, including using high-definition scans, to make sure that they have a clear “roadmap” before they start the surgery.

If you feel very anxious, we will suggest taking some oral anti-anxiety medications some time before the surgery. In cases where you are extremely fearful, we can arrange for intravenous sedation with our anesthetists (who specialize in sedation dentistry) so that when you wake up from the sedation, you will hardly remember that you had it done. Our specialists will determine if IV sedation is a good option for you when you come and meet us!


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