Do you feel that your dentures look unnatural?

At DentalSpecialists@Scotts, our specialty training in prosthodontics allows us to achieve comfortable and realistically looking dentures. Our goal is to consistently make dentures that look good, feel comfortable and most importantly, enable you to eat and speak comfortably with them. A denture does not replace natural teeth. Instead, dentures replace missing teeth and lost supporting gum and bone tissues. If executed properly, a new denture can make one look rejuvenated. Not only will you get a set of new teeth, you will also get a new smile, a more natural looking face and greater self-confidence!

Crafting of a denture is both science and art. It is not uncommon that construction of dentures will require several visits. One of our distinguishing qualities is that we ensure that every step, from the first consultation to the final delivery of the dentures, is meticulously controlled. We are one of very few establishments to carry the comprehensive denture teeth selection mould chart. This means that we have the ability to customize the most suitable set of teeth, with you in the chair, with almost no guesswork.

Very frequently, implants (see Implants) may be suggested to enhance the denture wearing experience. We will certainly discuss in depth with you and your family to see if you are suitable for these treatments.


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