Dental Crowns


Dental Crowns

What is a Crown?

A crown is a cover or “cap” that is cemented on a natural tooth. The crown is supposed to restore strength, beauty and function of the tooth.

When a tooth exhibits moderate to severe destruction such as a large filling with recurrent decay or extensive wear, a crown also known as a cap, gives you the strength, beauty, translucency and feel of a natural tooth. Made from a variety of materials, your prosthodontist can help determine the correct crown for your mouth

When is a Crown Needed?

The most common reason for a tooth to need a crown is there is moderate to severe destruction of the tooth, such as previously placed large fillings, cracks, decay or extensive wear. Other indications are:

  1. when there is a missing tooth and the surrounding teeth need to be capped to support a bridge
  2. the tooth has had root canal treatment and reinforcement of the tooth is needed
  3. to enhance esthetics by restoring a discoloured or badly shaped tooth
  4. the tooth needs to be part of precision designed removable denture

How is a Crown Made?

Several steps are involved and generally, two dental visits are needed to complete the treatment:

  1. The dental surgeon first removes any decay on the tooth and rebuilds the foundation (core) of the tooth. The tooth is then prepared by removing the outer layers of the tooth, so that there is space for the crown to fit.
  2. An impression (mold) is then made to provide an accurate model for the crown fabrication.
  3. A temporary (provisional) crown is made and cemented to protect the prepared tooth.
  4. The laboratory receives the impression (mold) and the technician will fabricate the crown. Several types of materials can be chosen – metal alloys, ceramics, composite resin or combinations of these materials can be blended. The type of material chosen must be appropriate to the clinical situation that led to the crown procedure being indicated for.
  5. When the new crown is ready, the dental surgeon will then remove the temporary crown, and make necessary adjustments to fit the new crown to the tooth and finally cement it in place.

For the crown to last as long as possible, regular recare visits and professional teeth cleanings need to be scheduled.


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