Other Endodontic Treatments


Other Endodontic Treatments

Dental Trauma

Did you have a sports injury, vehicle accident or bad fall resulting in damage to your dentition? At DentalSpecialists@Scotts, we will do a comprehensive assessment and provide quality care to reduce the risk of tooth loss, restore your dentition and return your smile.

Cracked Tooth

Cracked tooth is a prevalent problem, yet diagnosis is challenging in many cases because the symptoms are variable and the crack lines may not be visible. Endodontists specialise in diagnosing and saving cracked teeth. If a cracked tooth is suspected, do visit us at DentalSpecialists@Scotts as soon as possible because the earlier your tooth is treated, the more favourable the outcome.

Vital Pulp Therapy

Vital pulp therapies are performed to render your teeth asymptomatic while preserving their vitality and functionality. The treatments involve removing the causative agents and unhealthy pulp tissues, while preserving healthy pulp tissues and allowing repair to occur. In suitable cases, vital pulp therapy is a reliable and more conservative treatment than root canal treatment.

Regenerative Endodontics

Regenerative endodontics is an extremely exciting advancement in dentistry. Using the concept of tissue engineering, regenerative endodontic treatment allows necrotic immature (incompletely developed) permanent teeth to have continued root development, increased thickness in the dentinal walls and closed apices. The procedure significantly improves the fracture resistance and longevity of these immature teeth.

Internal Bleaching

Did you know that endodontists are not only about managing pain and swelling? We can brighten your discoloured root canal treated tooth too! The procedure is known as internal bleaching, where any material causing the discolouration is removed, a bleaching agent is placed in the space within the tooth for a few days and replaced if needed until the desired shade is achieved.


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