Dental Bridges

What is a Bridge?

A dental bridge is one of several treatment options for replacing a missing tooth. The other options to replace missing teeth are dental implants, or removable dentures.

If for any reason you have lost a tooth or teeth which has resulted in a gap between your remaining teeth, you can be a candidate for a bridge. When you schedule a consultation with DentalSpecialists@Scotts, we will review each of these options with you comprehensively to find out which is the best treatment option for you.

Advantages of Bridges

  • They look like teeth, feel like teeth and function like teeth!
  • They are not removable and do not have the inconvenience of removable dentures
  • If the supporting teeth are healthy, and you’re taking care of your teeth properly, bridges can last for many years
  • Bridges are a viable option for a fixed teeth-replacement if the patient’s medical condition does not allow him/her to undergo a surgical procedure such as implant treatments
  • One type of bridge – resin-bonded bridges, can be prescribed in certain selected cases. This type of bridge has side “wings” to be cemented to the neighbouring supporting teeth. These type of bridges depend completely on the cement and hence cannot be easily indicated for everyone. Our specialists will advise if this treatment option is suitable for you.

Disadvantages of Bridges

  • The teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth must be prepared (shaved down) for a restoration – this means that sometimes unrestored teeth need to be prepared, risking a small chance of root canal infection
  • All of the teeth in the dental bridge are connected(splinted), so flossing is more difficult
  • If one supporting tooth on the bridge has a problem, the whole bridge must be replaced
  • Bridges involve multiple teeth so they typically cost several times more than a basic one-tooth crown.

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