Our Mission

To provide WORLD-CLASS Dentistry using the BEST RESOURCES in the FASTEST possible time, with the most compelling commitment to excellence in patient care.

Our Vision

Be a Dental Centre of Excellence and truly AUTHENTIC SPECIALIST Dental TEAM in South-East Asia

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to our patients and partners (suppliers, fellow colleagues and referrers) is driven by our core values

R . I . S .

R – Respect

We give due respect to the decisions made by our patients and empower them to make informed decisions, and supporting them fully, provided they also know the consequences of the decisions made.

We respect the way our partners conduct their business and we try to align as much as possible without breaking our own core values.

I – Integrity

We strive to fulfil the commitments made to our patients and partners. We conduct our procedures and practices with honesty and fairness. Being educators in our respective specialties, we have to ensure we not only talk the talk, but we walk the talk.

S – Safety

Safety of our patients and staff is our UTMOST concern. Everything we do and use, from infection control to materials and equipment, our patients are assured we follow strict protocols and use only the best materials. We work with the finest laboratories and even serve as key opinion leaders for various world-class grade materials. Since we teach regularly both locally and internationally, we have to stay abreast of the latest knowledge in our respective fields and this in turn ensures the latest, best practices to our patients.

E – Empathy

We strive to understand the concerns and needs of our patients and partners. We are completely aware that not everyone is ready to embark on certain procedures and treatment plans that involve substantial time and financial cost. Our expertise is to be able to sequence treatments to suit the convenience (time, fear factor, financial) of our patients, such that “no one may be left behind”.

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Appointment & Enquiries

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